We offer a unique ruleset for our airsoft players to let them use the amazing variety of replicas on the market in an immersive system. 

There are NO "Bang Kills" or "Safety Kills" permitted, though in theory they sound nice, they are subjective and take away from letting our players get the most out of the game.

Velocity is measured in Joules vs FPS. This is to make sure we are in line with modern safety standards. All replicas are chrono'd by our staff using our provided .30g BB's. 

Semi or full auto is dictated by replica type here. SMG's or PCC's with smg mags may be run full auto at 1J or less. 

See our chart for details.

We permit factory cold burning/pull ring smoke and frags onlys, such as the Enola Gaye EG67s, or Taggin TAG-67s.

Launched Frags by TAG are also permitted

No hand lit or home brew are permitted period for safety and insurance reasons. 

Frags have a 10ft outdoor kill radius or a 20ft radius indoors unless behind solid cover.

Only staff operated and fully insured military or tactical vehicles are permitted.

Vehicles may be eliminated via frag grenades, thrown into or directly under the vehicle or by launched impact grenades. Sorry no splat or home brew are permitted for this, nor are inert marker/chalk rounds.  


Mon-Fri : 9AM - 5PM Private Groups
Saturday-Sunday: 9AM-5PM Open Play 

Closed During Inclement Severe Weather or Temps under 25. 

Please See our Facebook Page for Weather Related Scheduling. 




N6089 County Road G,

Mauston, WI 53948.


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