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As of January 1st 2022 we have moved ENTIRELY to airsoft. 

During the Pandemic Paintball skyrocketed in cost and began to drop in popularity. Airsoft has continued to become more affordable and MASSIVELY more popular especially in our region.

Airsoft is a massively popular game, that plays similar to paintball, without the mess and at a much cheaper cost.

They round hit hard but leave no stain. YOU KNOW you are hit. But they don't leave the large welts of paintball. 

Airsoft BB's are cheaper, starting at $10 per 1000rnd bag of basic high grade rental gun ammo. Paint is $20 per bag of 500. 

Airsoft shoots 3x as far and 3x more accurately. Meaning FAR less wasted shots and money. Especially on our 60 acre Outdoor Multistory city. Those shots into doors and windows really count. 

The guns are more realistic, as is the optional equipment, which really appeals to the modern generation raised on Call of Duty and other video game. 

We promise you will have a LOT more fun here if you give airsoft a try!

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