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Sat, May 15


Action Sports Wisconsin

Escape: from Tarkov

Escape: From Tarkov A newly discovered civilian encampment outside the city has quickly turned into a new hot zone for raid activities. The former military and police storage site has been converted to a small town by its civilian inhabitants. BEAR and USEC teams have begun entering the region.

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Escape: from Tarkov
Escape: from Tarkov

Time & Location

May 15, 2021, 12:00 PM – May 16, 2021, 12:00 AM

Action Sports Wisconsin, N6090 County Rd G, Mauston, WI 53948, USA

About the Event

Welcome to the new ESCAPE series of events here at Action Sports Wisconsin, our new day/night game.

The event will run from 11am Saturday the 15th through Midnight. This is a FULL FIELD day and night event, with low light, no light, and authentically lit city streets, slums and woods.

This is a Day AND Night event. No tracer or light requirements.

Pre-Register is $40 Day Of Registration is $50

Pre Register Players will also receive a small bag of heavy weight ammo.


No exceptions to the rules will be made regarding magazines, ammo etc.

Ammo is issued and lootable in various weights DO NOT bring your own.

Escape will use a non faction lock, raid team based mechanic where you can group with up to 5 people total to enter into the Raid Area searching for loot (can be turned in for currency), ammo (actual BBs of various weights), medical (usable in game) and other supplies. Teams must secure their loot or objectives and find an open extraction point (indicated by green LEDs, or flags during daytime), and begin an extraction process (unlocking a combination lock in the extraction point) They may then safely walk off field, to resupply, trade, swap members or rest for the next raid deployment.

You may enter solo, with others, but no more than 5 per raid group.

Ammo: Ammo will be issued at start, in limited supply of .20 (to simulate low grade starter ammo) you may loot or buy heavier weight better ammo throughout the event.


Magazine Restrictions: You may enter a raid with a maximum of 4 mid cap magazines for your primary, and two pistol magazines. No high cap winding magazines, or flash mags.

A single Drum magazine is permitted on LMGs only. With no spare mags.

Grenades: You may enter the raid with one grenade per person. New grenades can be bought for real cash, or occasional loot trade in. NPC players may have tokens for trade in for grenades as well.

Loot: Most lootable objects will be scale printed and laminated facsimiles. These CAN NOT be folded or rolled. So if its large it must go in a large enough pouch or backpack. These items can be traded in after extraction for currency, or other usable items. If you do NOT trade the item and reenter the raid with it, it may be looted on death.

Players gear, guns, and magazines/grenades are not lootable.

You MAY loot unloaded bags of ammo. You may only loot one item from ONE pouch, pocket or pack. You can't reloot a dead player.

You must actually loot the pouch.

Night Vision: You may bring your own night vision devices. They may ONLY be used if you buy a NVG item card in game using currency or loot one off a scav/player/boss. You lose this card when it is looted.

Medical, Bleedout, and Respawn: Players who are hit (after armor or without armor) go into a one minute crawling bleedout. They may call for help, call out threats and physically crawl but not shoot.

They may be looted or healed by any player at this time. When looted they are considered dead, and must return to the safe zone for redeployment.

After the one minute wounded period, the player has a two minute MANDITORY bleedout in place. They can't move. They may be healed or looted. If looted or the time expires they must return to the safe zone for redeployment.

Medical can be administered by any player. And to ones self during the first wounded minute IF the player has medical bandages. The first hit requires 30 seconds of "medical aid" There is no limit to medical aid. Medical aid must be wrapped and tied around a limb. Medical wrap will be turned in on return to the safe zone. It is a single use lootable item.

Armor: Armor cards are lootable/buyable in game from the vendor and NPCs but are only usable IF you are wearing actual or repro armor and plates. Those who wear them to the game will START with a armor card which is lost on death.

Hard Ballistic armor counts as an extra hit before wounding.

Hard ballistic armor with groin/throat armor counts as two extra hits before wounding.

Ballistic helmets count as one extra hit to the head only before wounding.

Ballistic helmets with visors count as two extra hits to the head only before wounding.

Armor IS NOT called out. So you MUST shoot a target until it calls hit and goes into wounded bleedout. Do not call others hits. They may be armored.

Factions: Players may participate as any in game faction they choose. Raid groups are not limited to factions. You may group up in game or safe zone with up to 5 total players. Coordination between groups is discouraged but not prohibited within reason. Scav bosses will be deployed for those exploiting this.

Scav Bosses: Armored, extremely well armed. Only hits to non armored areas count and they will have a health pool. Grenades will stun but not kill.

In-Game Scav NPCs: Staff members, they will not fire unless fired upon, and have limited but useful loot pools of ammo and money only, or they may provide objectives

Cosplay/Themed Kit: Players in authentic themed kits and cosplay for the event will receive a FREE bag of .30 ammo

Disclaimer- This is a fan inspired homage to EFT.

Escape From Tarkov, BEAR, USEC and other terms, logos and images are copyright of Battlestate Games and used as inspiration only. ASAP does not claim or own the rights to any of these


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