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Sat, Mar 19



Tarkov, The 3rd Raid

Welcome back to our 3rd Raid into the chaos of Tarkov. Come Loot, Shoot, Extract and Survive, all day and into the night on 60 acres of fully lit multi story city, slums and woodlands.

Tickets Are Not on Sale
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Tarkov, The 3rd Raid
Tarkov, The 3rd Raid

Time & Location

Mar 19, 2022, 10:30 AM – 11:59 PM

Mauston, N6090 County Rd G, Mauston, WI 53948, USA

About the Event

The 3rd Iteration to our blow out Looter Shooter Event, Escape: From Tarkov (Based on the BSG game Escape From Tarkov) 

Event Briefings start at 10:30 Saturday and runs until midnight. Half Off Sunday open play included with event admission. Free Camping fri-sun. 


$55 Pre Reg Includes Guaranteed PVC faction patch of your choice. First 10 pre-reg receive and PMC faction hat of their choice.


$60 At the Door 


NOTE: the raffle will be AT THE END OF THE NIGHT DEPLOYMENT. The longer you stay and the more bitcoins/rubles you trade to the vendor the more chances to win. 

Group up with up to five total players and deploy into our 60 acre multi story out door city, slums and woods, to hunt for lootable supplies, electronics, surplus to sell to the in game vendor for medical, ammo, grenades and raffle tickets! 

----Tarkov Event System!------ 


This is an in game issued and looted and in game currency ammo event only. No outside ammo, none will be sold that day at the actual shop. 

ONE 300rnd count bag of Basic good quality but low weight .20g is issued to every player at check in. This is a progression based system. You are not meant to have peak range and performance at the start. If your replica can't lift or over lifts a variety of weights either adjust aim or choose a replica that can. 

More ammo is available from the trader for in game currency. 

.20 x200

.25 x200

.28 x200

.32 x150

.36 x50

EG67s are OCCASIONALLY available in game at the vendor. 

-Loot Rules 

Loot and item prices are now fixed. They WILL NOT BE ANNOUNCED OR POSTED. Loot value is actually a potential quest reward. 

4 loot items total may be taken to extract. 

All loot items must be turned in for Rubles after extract. 

If killed any non extracted loot is turned in to be redeployed by staff. 

When being looted by another player ANY POUCHES CAN BE LOOTED, looter can pick what they take. 

Money, maps, documents, and keycards do not count toward your total loot items. Money, Maps and Documents may be folded. These MUST be kept in a visible pouch. 

Keycards must be worn on lanyard and displayed. 

Personally owned grenades, Magazines and other items are NOT LOOTABLE. 

Loose bagged ammo or ammo in speed loader may be looted. Loaded ammo can't be looted. 


You may NOT hide items in hidden pouches or pockets. 

-Stashes and Lockboxes

Safe Storage Cases may be carried ON THE PLAYER. These are hard cases only. 

This case can only contain ONE item (or item stack IE Money) and it can not be looted. It COUNTS TOWARDS YOUR TOTAL LOOT LIMIT. 


The trader and safe zone are now on field in game. The Trader post is a secured googles off location . Guns are left outside. Players may enter and leave as they see fit but players loitering near the entrance will be eliminated by Trading Post scav NPC guards.


The Trader will still collect used bandages, armor cards, NVG cards, and assign the new deployment zone as well as Loss Loot and Extracted Loot. 


There are now 3 deployment zones at all times. They are marked with red flags and lights. Players and or groups will be randomly assigned one on initial deployment and on respawn. PLAYERS MUST GO BACK TO THE TRADER ON EACH DEATH AND BE ASSIGNED A NEW DEPLOYMENT. 

Players may loot GPS units in game to  select a next deployment zone, or they may take the GPS to a non-hostile PMC NPC and deploy to a location of their choice. 

Players may spend a significant sum of in game currency and BUY a single use deployment zone choice. 

If you go to the parking lot for any reason you MUST TURN IN UNEXTRACTED LOOT and be assigned a redeployment by the trader 


There are 2 regular extraction zones, marked in green. Each individual player must go to the extraction point and the Extraction Point NPC will start a timer. When the time ends they may call them selves safely out and extract with up to 4 items looted during the raid. 



Players must then go back to the trader for redeployment. 

There is a 3rd Extraction in the city, that is  occasionally open. A NPC will be in one of the vehicles and players may pay them 20,000 for instant extract. 

-Medic Rules

When hit with no armor or when armor is used up, player must call it or act it out, and go to ground. They may crawl to the nearest cover, or they may bleed out in place. 


Bleed out is 3 minutes. It is mandatory. 

At any time during bleed out the player may self administer bandage or be bandaged by any player. There is no limit to how many bandages may be applied. the bandage must be fully unwrapped, wrapped around the limb or body, then tied. YOU MAY NOT CUT BANDAGES. 

If a player is looted during bleed out they are now dead and must head back to the trader to deposit the lost unextracted items in the Loss Bin so they can be redployed. You do NOT keep ANY LOOT YOU DID NOT EXTRACT. 

If a player bleeds out they call them self out, and must head back to the trader to deposit the lost unextracted items in the Loss Bin so they can be redployed. You do NOT keep ANY LOOT YOU DID NOT EXTRACT. 


Helmets count as an extra hit.

Solid plates count as an extra hit.

Hits are no longer locational. 

Green Armor Bands are purchased with in game Currency from the trader. 

If a player is wearing REAL armor or a REAL helmet they will start the event with ONE free armor band. 

Armor Band will be worn on the arm in plain view. 

Armor bands refresh helmet and vest BOTH WHEN PURCHASED. 

When killed with an Armor Band, it is turned in to the trader when redeploying, every time. Armor Bands are not lootable from a dead player. Players may not have more than one Armor Band. 


You must purchase a blue NVG band. It must be worn on the arm clearly visible, in order to use your NVGs. 

NVGs are considered "destroyed" on death and you must get a new NVG card. 

-Night Play

For night play you must use one or more of the following options: 

1. Gun mounted light engaged while firing. 

2. Tracer unit (Tracer MUST be on, for this raid you DO NOT need to use Tracer BB's just the muzzle flash from the tracer)

3. Muzzle flash simulator device.. 

This applies to all players, with and without NVGs. 

Night play is the final deployment of the event, lasting from end of evening iteration to close. Loot may be taken DIRECTLY to the trader instead of extracted during this final iteration. 


Quests are issued from NON HOSTILE NPCS during conversation, or on request RANDOMLY. There will not always be a quest available, so it is worth your time to go speak to non hostile NPC's when they are passing through the Vendor Hub Safe Zone.

Quests are simplified sets of tasks designed to be accomplished both solo or in a group if you wish. 

Quests are a laminated card with a simple set of objectives:

Recon Area: (Take a photo inside the target building or location)

Target Elimination: Kill 1-3 players or NPCS of the designated faction (SCAV, PMC, NPC) and present pictures of the eliminated threat.

Item Recovery: Return 1-3 items of a designated broad category, the quest reward will be IN ADDITION to the Item Value.

Courier: Take Item/File/Information to a specific NPC.

If you are unable to do a quest type because you don't have a phone on you, either decline the quest or team up with other players who do. Many modern events actually encourage smart phone app use and have tie in apps. This isn't unusual at all. 

We WILL be expanding on the quest system with each further iteration of Tarkov. This is a simplified easy to do version of what we plan long term. 


Quests progress does not reset if you are killed.


There are still High Risk Raid Tasks Issued randomly by the PMC faction NPC's that involve traversal of the entire zone and are a very high risk and high reward option that occur randomly. Ask PMC NPC's in the hub if any are available.

-Faction NPCs 

Faction NPCs are marked by PMC faction uniforms and emblems and Red Staff armband. 

Faction NPCs may be revived by bandage and revive other players. 

Faction NPCs will provide tasks, missions, and objectives, or may BE the objective. 

Faction NPC's will deploy with raid teams and assign them tasks and or accompany them. 


Enhanced currency loot, 20 minute respawn and is NOT always in play. Head Hits do not hurt Killa, Killa has 2 body hits. 

-Special NPCs 


There is now a in game cook, whome will have tasks available and occasionally have hot food for in game currency. 

The Hunter

There is now a Bounty Hunter, you seriously can't miss him, who will use GPS to track targets, and assign objectives. 


A former USEC Field Intel Operative, now pedals his trade freelance. 

There is now a roving NPC who will buy specific items with high Intel value off of players, careful who you shoot at. he also will occasionally offer an instant extract at on field vehicles for in game currency.


This is a hard-core demanding event with immersive in game admin staff role players. Every staff scav and npc is assuming a persona or character to bring the Tarkov setting to life. Their opinions, actions and hostilities are a CHARACTER and are not real. They are directed toward the scav or pmc YOU are playing as to emulate the experience of faction and trader rep. This may not always seem fair, but please remember it is a game mechanic. We DO NOT TOLERATE REAL HOSTILITY TO STAFF. IF YOU TANK YOUR RELATIONS TO NPCS IN GAME AND MAKE THE PROGRESSION DIFFICULT THAT IS ON YOU. 

This is a PROGRESSION based event. It is designed so players start on an even footing, with low tier ammo. You are not ment to have maximum range and accuracy from the get go. There will be NO special treatment or ammo for anyone at start. If you choose to use a gun that requires heavy weight specialty ammo to operate that is your decision. We offer a variety of BB weights for most grades of airsoft replicas for you to work towards and loot for. Again. No exceptions at any further tarkov events regardless of AEG, HPA or Bolt Action replica

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